Research Collaborator

ISSIA CNR – Genova

Angelo Odetti  was born in Genoa, Italy on March 17, 1984.
He graduated in Marine Engineering and Naval Architecture (MSc) at the Naval Architecture department of University of Genoa with the thesis  entitled “Development of a simulator for ship manoeuvrability at low speed”.
Since  2011 he started working for Hovertech Ltd in European project called “HoverSpill, MultiEnvironment Air Cushion Oil Spill Fast Response & Post Emergency Remediation System” 7th Framework Programme (FP7). He was the lead engineer of the technical project of a completely new Air Cuschion Vehicle. He was in charge of developing new concepts for working-Hovercrafts technology. He has realized the project and the design of structural and mechanical components, furthermore he has developed a new concept of manoeuvring system for hovercraft. This system is applicable to every screw propelled vehicle. He also realized the design of small working boats. In July 2013 he joined the “Autonomous robotic systems and control” group of the CNR-ISSIA in Genoa, as a research fellow. Nowadays he is working on the project “Study of methodologies for modeling, identification and control of hovercraft” as part of the research program “Technologies and methodologies for monitoring of wetlands and shallow water in coastal area”. This study will lead to a better definition of the characteristics of an air cushion platform and to the realization of a semi-autonomous surface vehicle. He will also work on the concept development of new marine autonomous vehicle.

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