Associate Professor

Politecnico di Bari


Cataldo Guaragnella graduated in Electronic Engineering in 1990 at Università degli Studi di Bari, Italy, and received the Ph.D. in Telecommunications by Politecnico di Bari in 1994.
In 1996 he joined the Electrics and Electronics Department (today DEI –  Electrics and Information Engineering Department) of Politecnico di Bari as assistant professor in Telecommunications, where he is actually tenured professor in Statistical Signal Processing for the MS degree in Telecommunications Engineering.

He is the scientific director of SST lab, Signals and Systems for Telecommunications, the joint University-Industry research lab where his main research interests concern the study and development of algorithms and embedded systems for digital signal and video broadcasting.

He regularly serves as reviewer on various Conferences and International Journals including:

  • IEEE Transactions on Image Processing
  • IEEE Transactions on Multimedia
  • IEEE Transactions on Wireless
  • IEEE Signal Processing Letters
  • IEEE Communications Letters

Research Interests

Current research interests are in the field of pattern analysis and recognition, image and video processing and coding, video surveillance algorithms and systems, video content analysis, multidimensional signal processing.
In these fields his interest span over video coding, analysis and synthesis of video sequences and images, multiresolution coding, sub-band coding and wavelet analysis, Synthetic aperture radar signal processing.
Recently he got involved in analysis, processing and interpretation of signal coming from industrial applications for non destructive testing and evaluation.

(+39)  080 5963655