Research Collaborator


Patruno Cosimo was born in Putignano (Ba) on January 13th, 1988. He studied at Polytechnic of Bari and he graduated in Automation Engineering (Bachelor Degree) on February 02th, 2010. At the same University, he attained the Master Degree in Automation Engineering on March 14th, 2013 discussing the thesis entitled “Image processing algorithms to detect landmarks on rail”. Since May 2013 he cooperates with ISSIA-CNR as research fellow working on activities related to the project “PILOC-Technological system for the automation of logistic processes in critical contexts”. He sustained the professional practice examination on October 04th, 2013 and he obtained the Engineering license to practice the profession on November, 2013.
His research interests are: 3D data analysis, image processing and robotics.

(+39) 080 5929450