Administration Office

ISSIA CNR – Genova

Ermenegildo Nitta, born in 1963, works as a clerk with the CNR- Institute of Intelligent Systems for Automation (Genoa) since 2011. In 1987 he received the degree in Ancient History. His professional career began in 1988 and is characterized by different experiences in various jobs and multidisciplinary tasks. He worked in different companies, both small and big, and in the public administration, in exclusive, innovative and international contexts.
Between 1988 and 1994 , he was with some companies in Genoa, where he attended some projects for the management of cultural heritage, first as a clerk then, after holding the Master in Business Administration, as responsible of the project from the point of view of management and organization. Successively, he attended other projects about culture heritage (particularly about cultural marketing) until 2000. Meanwhile he worked also as Product Support Assistant (since 1997) at the TLCs at Marconi PLC (now Ericsson PLC) , following support activities such as management of technical documentation, updating of the department intranet site and managing the aspects of the quality certification and the “Quality Manual” redaction.
From 2002 to 2009 he worked with a specialized publisher, in the marketing, production and purchasing departments .
From 2009 to 2011 he worked with some NGO, specifically in the project of various assistance services for the unemployed people (CV redaction, “job hunting” etc.).
Currently he is with ISSIA and he attendes the following activities:

  • Purchasing and managing of contracts and their relating processes and documents managing;Managing electronic documents and archiving (Genoa Operative Support Unit);
  • Managing contacs with suppliers (Genoa Operative Support Unit);
  • Knowledge and use of the CONSIP – Public Administration Electronic Market (MEPA) website and related issues;
  • Management and use of ISSIA electronic protocol (Genoa Operative Support Unit);
  • Storing and managing paper and electronic administrative records of the ISSIA (Genoa Operative Support Unit);
  • Other administrative and support activities and research projects of the ISSIA (Genoa Operative Support Unit).