Francesco Paolo Lovergine has got a degree (cum laude) in Computer Science in 1991 with a thesis in computer vision. In 1993 he received a national scholarship of two years and successively and later a two years contract with CNR IESI to work on a project of visual reconstruction by optical flow and multi-sensors data fusion. As of the end of 1997 he has a permanent position at CNR ISSIA (formely IESI) as a researcher and initially worked on parallel computing and applications of computer
vision and robotics. He gradually moved his interests and skills in the context of distributed computing applied to earth observation applications and more recently in the context of geographical information systems (GIS) applications, spatial data analysis and methods. As a researcher he partecipated to many national and EU funded research projects (ASI/PQE2000, Morfeo, Lewis, BioSOS and others) and actively served as teacher for the master in Space Technologies for Remote Sensing of University of Bari and other university courses.
After becoming a Debian Developer in 2000, he founded the DebianGis project in 2004 for which he still held the position of project manager, and occasionally cooperates with some mainstream free software GIS projects. DebianGis is currently  the main GIS oriented GNU/Linux world-wide distribution and work team. He is fellow of the Free Software Foundation Europe, member of ACM and one of the first italian OSMappers.


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