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Luca Caviglione was born in Sampierdarena (Genoa) on May, 1978, and received the Laurea Degree in Telecommunications Engineering from the University of Genoa in 2002. In 2006, he obtained the PhD in Electronic and Computer Engineering from the same University.
From 2006, he is a Contract Professor at the University of Genoa, within the course of Telecommunication Networks, in the fields of Multi-Service Satellite Networks, Switching Systems and peer-to-peer (p2p) Networking. He also teaches in several Master courses, lecturing about p2p and file-sharing applications.
He participated, and still participate, in many Research Projects funded by the European Union (EU), by the European Space Agency (ESA), by the Italian Ministry of Research (MIUR) and by Siemens COM MN AG.
In 2006 he was with the Genoa Research Unit of the Italian National Consortium for Telecommunications (CNIT). Since 2007, he works at the Genoa Branch of the Institute of Intelligent Systems for Automation (ISSIA), of the National Research Council of Italy (CNR).
He is also a Professional Engineer, a Work Group Leader of the Italian IPv6 Task Force and a CNIT member. In spare time, he writes for “Applicando”, the most popular Italian Magazine about Apple and the Macintosh.

Research Interests
His research interests are in the field of networking, with emphasis on:

  • peer-to-peer architectures: traffic analysis of file-sharing applications, utilization of overlay networks to develop new network-independent services (e.g., to support QoS guarantees over wireless networks), p2p applications over heterogeneous scenarios (mainly mixed wired-satellite networks);
  • optimization of network services: development of new algorithms and frameworks for enhancing the performances of services, such as data streaming. Also, he investigates how optimized strategies can be used to “port” an application over new scenarios (e.g., vehicle-to-vehicle).
  • Web 2.0 and emerging applications: traffic analysis of Web-based applications, and those based on new technologies or standards (e.g., voice-based services, and IPv6). Moreover, he studies the joint utilization of such frameworks when in presence of wireless links and mobility.
  • Privacy and Security: with the advent of Online Social Networks, privacy and security risks are becoming very relevant. Thus, he does research hazards of social applications, and possible contact points between technology and social aspects, from a security viewpoint;
  • Standardization: he is interested in the standardization process, mainly in the field of IPv6, P2P and Network Complexity. Also, he is highly interested in aspects about the “technological transfer”, i.e., how to bring to a production stage outputs of the research.


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