Massimo Ianigro received the M.S. degree (Laurea degree) in computer science in 1992 with a thesis on “Mobile robot navigation using ultrasonic sensors”, from the University of Bari.
After the degree, he has been awarded research contracts from National Research Council, SGS Thomson Microelectronics and Digital Equipment Corp. on various themes (optical flow reconstruction, robotics, high performance computing, networking).

During 1995 he has worked at Manchester University in the Computer Graphics Unit. Since 1996, he is employed at the National Research Council, and he has worked in different units (Institute of Cristallography, Institute of Biomedical Techmologies, Research Area of Bari) before joining ISSIA, in 2003. He has been teaching in several master and PhD courses and he is responsible for the networking infrastructure and telematic services used by a large number of CNR users and sites disseminated around the country.

He is also a member of the GARR-CERT (Computer Emergency Response Team of the nation-wide network of academic institutions) and he is an expert appointed by italian law enforcement agencies in many computer forensic cases.

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Reserch Interests: His current research interests include information and communication technologies, robotics, computer and network security, large scale infrastructures, computer forensics.
(+39)  0805929424
SKYPE NAME: massimo.ianigro