Administrative Office
ISSIA CNR – Genova


Person in charge of the “Office for technical and financial support  to the project planning, the procurement and the management of the outside funds”  for ISSIA’s branches.

Activity done since year 2002 on V-VI-VII European Framework Programme, National and Regional Programmes

Support to the Scientific Network in:

  • Monitoring the grant opportunities, planning  projects and their  objectives,  proposals submission,  legal/financial monitoring during the Life-cycle of EU projects.
  • Definition of Roles and Responsibilities and Management structure in the project.
  • Contract Management: content analysis of contract between the Funding body and the consortium, legal and financial viability  checks, MoU, NdA, CA, negotiation of projects, contract management and amendments.
  • Finance Management: definition of the project budget structure, check of the compliance of the project budget and expenditures during the project life with the Programme Financial Rules.
  • Coordinating projects in the role of Technical and Financial Coordinator  collecting and checking all financial data, monitoring the deliverables, the expenditures  and the men effort in respect with the forecast data written in the project’s description of work,ensuring timely payments to partners.
  • Reporting: Financial and technical reports, preparation of reports regarding project progress and finances, verification of the proper use of the resources  through  “the explanation of the use of the resources” declared by each partner, financial audits, contractual audits.
  • IT support to the consortium for the use of the European Commission  tools.
  • Lecturer in project meetings to explain the project management