Research focusing on robotics
and automation technologies ...

  • Earth observation

  • Smart communities

  • Factory of the future

  • Green energy systems

  • Smart cities

  • Maritime technologies

… can be applied to a variety of fields such as space and deep oceans, as well as land, coastal and city management.


We are devoted to develop algorithms for processing images from passive/active sensors acquired by satellites and aircrafts, and for retrieving bio-geophysical parameters.

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Field and interaction

The group has more than 20 years of experience in the area of robotics, carrying out theoretical and applied research, supported by the development and exploitation at field of unmanned vehicles.

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for smart communities

Multidisciplinary research to support smart communities, performing different intelligent tasks such as learning, optimal control, energy efficiency. Applications include sustainable mobility, smart grids, internet of things, user behavior, etc. .

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energy conversion

Energy conversion for low carbon generation and for electrical storage. Powertrains for green mobility and factory automation.
Microgrids for efficient use of energy in smart buildings and green vehicles.

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Communication and Computational

Development of methodologies, technologies and systems for designing intelligent agents that can work autonomously or cooperate with human operators for making decisions in different fields of application.

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With research laboratories located in Bari, Genoa and Palermo, ISSIA is ideally positioned to take advantage of research and development opportunities available in the Adriatic-Ionian, Central Europe and Mediterranean regions. The institute can play a key role in identifying synergies between various RD&I programs.